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Henna for Hair

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Henna for Hair

The History of Henna and Hair
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Theoretical Use of Henna in Prehistory
  • The History of Henna Hair Dye in Pre-History and Ancient Egypt: The Cultural and Social History of Henna
  • Theoretical use of henna in prehistory
  • Henna in Ancient Egypt
  • Henna in the Ebers Papyrus
Henna, Astronomy, and the Agro-Ecology of the Mediterranean Bronze Age
  • The Evolution and Migration of Henna into Cultural Practices
  • Henna, Astronomy, and the Agro-Ecology of the Mediterranean Bronze Age
  • Evidence of henna in the wall paintings of 1600 BCE lustral basin in Xeste III prior to the Santorini eruption
  • Artifacts showing markings consistent with a bride with hennaed hands in depictions of women in the Bronze Age Eastern Mediterranean
  • Henna in Mycenae at the End of the Bronze Age
Ancient Mesopotamian and Levantine Henna
  • Evaluating claims of ancient henna use and searching for origins
  • Henna and Mesopotamia
  • Henna, conquest, and change following the collapse of the Bronze Age
  • The Royal Unguent
  • The Royal Unguent
  • Conquest, identity, and the erasure of henna in the southern Levant
  • Reading ninth century BCE henna in the Book of Kings: Jezebel
  • Echoes of Bronze Age Canaanite Henna in the Song of Songs
  • Imagining Queen Esther
Early cultural henna use in the Arabian Peninsula and along the Arabian Ocean
  • Evidence of early cultural henna use in the Arabian Peninsula and along the Arabian Ocean
  • Yemen and the Sabean Kingdom
  • Imagining Bilqis, the Queen of Sheba, with or without henna
  • Evidence of henna use and difference among neighbor
  • The environmental limitations of henna [Lawsonia inermis] cultivation around the Arabian Ocean
  • Ambiguation and disambiguation of hair dye in South Asia
  • Ambiguation and disambiguation of red body markings in South Asia

Henna during the Late Bronze Age in the Mycenaean Eastern Mediterranean
  • Henna in the Pylian perfume industy
  • Henna and the Poseidon festival
Henna in 12th century Sicily

Henna in Medieval Spain and the Spanish Inquisition

Henna was beloved by Christian, Muslim, and Jewish women during the Spanish Convivienca, but was criminalized during by the Spanish Inquisition.  A woman could be arrested, tortured, and executed for witchcraft and heresy for using henna by the Office of the Inquisition.

Turkish Henna in the 19th century, and Exports to Europe

Madame Patti's Henna, late 19th century Diva

PPD warnings in New York City, 1928

PurePact Henna Leaves, about 1930

Henna Instructions from a 1940 Textbook for Beauticians

Henna and Musicians with Gray Hair

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 Henna for Hair
Henna For Hair is devoted to the art and science
of dying hair with natural dyes. 

Natural hair dyes are good for your health,
and good for your planet!

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