Henna and Gray Hair 

Are you allergic to chemical hair dye?   You don't have to use chemicals!  People have used dye plants to cover mask their gray hair for over six thousand years!


Ancient SunriseŽ Henna for Hair can permanently, completely cover your gray hair with nothing other than three kinds of powdered leaves and a bit of fruit, but you have to know the science behind it to get the best results.

Ancient SunriseŽ Chapter 9: Gray Hair and 'Doing Your Roots.'   This chapter has step-by-step instructions for maintaining your gray roots as they grow in; dyeing them red, brunette, or black.  In these chapters you can see how Ancient SunriseŽ henna will cover your gray perfectly, unlike henna from other souces that covers gray poorly and fades out. Ancient SunriseŽ henna henna is better, and our science is better

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Now that you see how beautiful this is and how easy it is to do, scroll on down to see what you need to know to get started.  

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Ancient SunriseŽ Chapter 5: Plants that Dye Hair will show you the plants you need to dye your gray hair. You can use these three plants to create the full range of human hair color from blonde to black.


This chapter discusses henna, indigo, and cassia, (lawsonia inermis, indigofera tinctoria, and cassia obovata) and the chemistry of each of these dye plants. Understanding the botany of these plants will help you understand how to get the best results from your henna hair dye.

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Ancient SunriseŽ Chapter 6: Henna and Acidic Mixes will show you what you need to understand to get permanent color that will not fade, as well as complete gray coverage.


This chapter discusses the necessary chemistry of mixing henna and cassia with a mildly acidic liquid.  This chapter discusses several sources of fruit acids, and how each has a different effect on henna.

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Ancient SunriseŽ Chapter 7:  Mixing and Testing your Henna Mix.   Every person's hair is different, so you'll have to figure out what's best for you.  It's not difficult and we'll help you!


This chapter discusses the mixing, dye release, formulation, and testing of a wide range of non-chemical permanent colors from henna, indigo, and cassia.  This chapter includes step-by-step instructions to produce the color you want for your hair.

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Ancient SunriseŽ Chapter 8: How to Henna Your Hair.  Have you become allergic to chemical dyes? You don't have to wait for your hair to grow out to start using  Ancient SunriseŽ henna.You can use Ancient SunriseŽ henna over chemically dyed hair without any problem at all.  If you think you're becoming allergic to chemical dye, change now! Allergies to chemical hair dye become worse, not better, and they can put you in the hospital!

cover gray for the first time

This chapter has step-by-step instructions for first time users dyeing hair blonde, red, brunette or black with henna indigo, and cassia

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How does hair go gray?

hair  graying hair gray hair
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What happens when you dye gray hair with henna, indigo and other herbs??

gray hair gray and henna
gray hair dyed with henna and indigo
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Worried about how to begin? We have kits that include everything you need to get great results on the first try.

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