So, how do you henna your hair?
Here's the basics!

This is Deb!

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Deb has dark brown hair that's
getting gray streaks.

The gray is very visible against her
dark hair.


Start at the back, and section the hair. 
Glop the henna down to the scalp.

Glop more henna onto the section
and smear it all the way down the
hair to the ends.

Keep sectioning the hair,
and putting in more henna. 


And more .... 

Keep going until every hair
is totally slathered with henna!

Then, wrap it up with saran wrap, 
and keep it there as long as you
can manage.   Two hours is generally
sufficient for henna to saturate
the hair, though many
people keep it in longer.

Rinse and shampoo the hair. 
Here you can see the gray hair
is stained red and golden red
and the dark brown is stained
deep auburn.


After henna, Deb's hair is thick,
glossy, well conditioned, with
red highlights. 

Once you have the color you
 want, you can get by with
 just doing roots!