You can dye your gray hair any color you like, without chemicals!

We'll help you!  Really!

dying with other plants

If you dye your hair with a mixture of henna and other plant dyes, such as buxus, cassia, and indigo, you can harmonize your colored and  graying hair with henna, and cover even dye resistant white hair.   You may need to leave the pastes on your hair a longer time, wrapped for warmth, and use dye plants with the highest dye content to saturate your gray hair with color.

Henna has lawsone, a red-orange dye, which will bind to keratin.

Indigo has indigol, a dark blue dye, which will bind to keratin.

Cassia has chrysophanic acid, a yellow dye, which will bind to keratin.

Buxus has a gray-blue dye, which will bind to keratin

If you mix these dye plant powders, in different proportions, you can get the color you want!  Harvest hair from your hairbrush, try things, experiment, and see what works for you!  Read all the information HERE!

Here's what will NOT make your hair darker: coffee,
beets, tea, molasses, wine, blueberries, grape juice, and putting henna in a cast iron pot.    

Don't even TRY the following, they're useless or dangerous: fabric dye, printer ink, "Henna stones from the banks of the Nile" or other chemical rubbish.

Most of the dye plant molecules are larger than the Lawsone molecule, so tend to bind into the outermost layer of the hair shaft.  If you find your hair is losing the darker rich color you want as shampoos go by, you're losing some of the larger molecules from the outermost layer.  You can dye your hair frequently with these plant dyes to deepen and refresh the color.

Got questions?  We understand.  This isn't the simplest thing in the world unless you're family has already been doing it for one hundred generations.   Email or call 330-673-0600.  We'll help!

Here is our video of how to dye gray hair dark brunette:

gray hair  henna gray hair  henna gray hair  indigo and gray hair 
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