Your Gray Hair is Special
you know this, right?
diagram of gray hair

Your gray hair is special.  There is no melanin in the middle of gray hair!  

Why does your hair go gray?  Go here for answers!

When your hair no longer produces melanins,  only the keratin hair shaft remains.  Since keratin is ths same stuff your fingernails are made of, your gray hair is the same color as your fingernails. Your gray hair may be slightly yellowish or grayish, or pure white.  These variations are from the structure of the keratins scales, and whether they reflect more or less light, and from minerals in the water you drink and bathe with.

Since your hair follicle isn't busy producing melanin, your gray hair grows much faster than the rest of your hair!  Your gray hair may also be a different texture from the rest of your hair.

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henna gray hair  henna gray hair  indigo and gray hair  plant dyes and gray hair