So, how do you henna your hair?  Here's the basics!

Henna for hair

Read this book if you've
 never done this before:
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"How To" Henna Hair

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Test henna on your hair
to see if its going to be gorgeous
 or disastrous.

Mix your henna   

Step by step, get henna
into your hair!

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Get Answers!


Henna your graying beard


Angi's Tech Page
(the professional way to do it!)
salon training2

Join the Facebook group
for Ancient SunriseŽ

to ask questions and talk to people who are already doing this.

Watch some videos:

Watch a video of "how to" dye your hair dark brunette with henna and indigo.

Indigo hair for gorgeous BLACK hair without toxic dyes.

Henna does wonderful things for relaxed and natural hair!