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Henna for Hair

Tracey's Mixes

Amy's Hair

Stevie's Hair

 I use the same mix for everyone, and we leave it on for 3 hours, minimum. Naturally, Amy has red strawberry-blond hair, I have light brown hair, and Stevie has medium brown hair.

Skyler has only had one henna, to get rid of stubborn lice, and he was too impatient to leave the henna on for more than 2 hours. 

Skyler's Hair
I heat lemon juice and 2-3 tablespoons olive oil in a pyrex cup in the microwave...about 1 cup combined for 100g henna. I add the henna and 10-15 drops tea tree or lavender EO and mix it up
 well. I leave it for at least an hour to cool and dye-release, then add hot tea if it's too thick. I like a texture somewhere between cake and brownie batter - mud slop!

I find it easier to work through clean wet/damp hair.

Application is by the handfuls, leaning into the bathtub, starting in back of the head. Wipe any slops on skin, then stand in front of bathroom mirror to work it through all over and pile into a beehive on top of the head. Wipe up all traces from skin. Cover with 2 plastic bags, then wrap in a towel for at least 3 hours.

Rinse it out in the shower, massaging a glob of conditioner in to get the last bits out, then shampoo as usual.

After about 6 hennas, my hair is healthy and shiny, it's not dry any more, and I haven't had any of the dandruff/psoriasis/scalp troubles that used to crop up in dry or hot weather.

Stevie's hair takes about 200 g. henna, Skyler took 50 g., and Amy and I use 100g. 

Notes from Mehandi.com: To get similar results, use a medium-dye content henna from www.Mehandi.com. We don’t recommend adding any essential oils to henna that you’ll use on your hair.  Adding olive oil to your paste is like greasing a pan and will make your hair “non-stick” so it won’t take up as much color as if you’d left it out. We recommend a simple mix of mehandi.com henna and an acidic liquid. 

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