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Henna for Hair

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Henna for Hair

Sarah's Mix

I have medium brown hair naturally, it's very thick too.
I use around 350g of Rococo henna for this mix (I did have a bunch left over).  I started with adding about 25g of ground clove.  I mixed my henna up with the clove to get as even a distribution as possible.  I added an 18oz mug of double-bagged raspberry zinger tea that had steeped for about half an hour.  After adding that I added grape juice (Welch's frozen 100% grape juice mixed with 3 cans warm water) until it was almost like slightly melty ice cream in consistency.  I added in 45 drops of tea tree oil and let it sit, covered, for an hour.

I sat in the bathtub and slopped it on until all my hair was covered.  I started at the top of my head and sectioned it.  I, also, managed to get it all over my neck and shoulders.  Wrap yourself with a shower cap and a large, dry towel.  Let sit for 4 hours.
Wash out as normal, adding lots of conditioner to get the henna loosened.  Proceed to shampoo yourself.

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