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Henna for Hair

Kumarie's Mix

Kumarie's black and gray hair, with henna and a perm

I am Sri Lankan and have black hair, but use Henna to dye my white hair which is mostly on either side of my head.  Now my hair looks as if it has burgundy streaks and looks really nice.
I used henna , and then tried the other types of dyes because using henna takes time, but started losing hair, so I went back to using henna and stopped losing hair.  So although it does take long, it is worthwhile in the end.  I use this once in 3 weeks.
My hair is just below shoulder length.  I shampoo the hair and do not use conditioner on the day before I use the henna mixture.  The brand of henna powder that I buy costs about $ 1.75 a packet and is called "Cobra brand red henna" - made in India.  This packet can be used for 3 applications.
I pour 1 cup of boiling water to about 6 or 7 heaped tablespoonfulls of tea leaves and keep this till it is cool or almost cool depending on whether I am in a hurry or not.  I then strain the tea leaves and squeeze the tea leaves that are collected in the strainer too and then mix this liquid (which is now about 1/2 a cup of very dark tea) with about 8 - 10 tablespoonfulls of henna until it is the consistency of yoghurt.
After making this mixture, I leave it overnight, or for about 5 to 6 hours in a stainless steel bowl.  I have heard that iron brings the colour out, but think that stainless steel gives a good colour anyway since I don't have an iron bowl.  This mixture is now harder in consistency than when originally mixed.  About 1/2 an hour before application, I squeeze half of a large sized very ripe lime into this and mix it.  If the lime fruit is small, it takes one fruit, but the henna mixture should be like yoghurt after this is mixed in.  This takes out the smell of henna once hair is washed.
I apply this mixture to my hair at about 8 or 9 p.m., parting my hair starting from the ears, and then go onto the back.   After the whole head is done, I cover my head with a shower cap and keep it on until morning.  The advantage of this method is that even if the henna is not applied to all strands, in the night while sleeping, this gets hot under the shower cap and spreads evenly onto each and every hair.  In the morning it is very easy to wash this off from the hair as it is then like watery yoghurt.  Remember to use an old pillowcase as sometimes this can go onto the pillow.  I wash it off till the water runs clear and apply conditioner onto the hair, not touching the roots as when conditioner touches the roots of my hair, I lose hair.  I do not use shampoo after henna is washed off.  Since I normally do this on a Friday or Saturday night, on Sunday morning I apply oil to the roots of my hair, preferably mixed with 3 Vitamin E capsules.  I then keep this on till evening or Monday morning when I wash my hair with shampoo before going to work.  I have also found that Alberto VO5 leave on conditioner makes the hair really soft once it is dry.
Hope this is helpful.

Notes from Mehandi.com: For similar results use a medium or high-dye content henna from www.Mehandi.com . You need acid in your liquid, so use the lime at the beginning of the mix process.

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