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Henna for Hair

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Henna for Hair

Keli's Mix
Keli after second henna

 Before Henna
Keli before henna

I've been dying my hair for years with commercial dyes.  I'd gotten really tired of the condition of my hair, and how it burns so much some times it's hardly bearable!  I bounced back and forth between red and blonde, loving red the best, but always disappointed at how quickly the color faded from my hair.  I'd stand in the shower the first time, and watch most of the beautiful new color, and the money I'd spent achieving it, go right down the drain. 

I came upon this website, researched and read for what seems like forever, and decided to give henna a try.  So, here's what I did.  My hair color before henna was a washed out red, with blonde underneath, with highlights.  My last color was 4 weeks ago.  I had collected hair for weeks, and did a strand test a week earlier than that from hair that had been cut AND colored at my last appointment. The test came out fine, no weird green or otherwise, and the hair held up fine, so I considered it a go !  The mix was fairly simple.  100 grams of henna from Catherine.  1 cup lemon juice.  15 drops tea tree EO.  15 drops EO.  I sat it overnight for dye release, about 9 hours, got up, wasn't happy with what I saw, so put it on a heating pad on low, and in about 1 1/2 hours was ready to go.  I did add alittle red zinger tea, as it was a bit thick.  My hair is layered, down my back some, and thick.  I slopped it all over, using gloves, paying good attention to the roots.  Threw  some saran wrap on top, and then a turban.  6 hours later, I started the rinsing off process.  It wasn't too bad, as I slopped conditioner on, working it through, and using my garden hose outside, it was pretty easy!  Actually, the hose works great.  WOW is all I can say.  I was amazed at the brilliant color.  Looked like an amazing bright copper penny in the sunshine !  

Keli after first henna

There was some uneveness on spots I may have not gooped it on as well, and honestly I think I needed more henna !  As I said, my hair is thick, and I did get nervous near the end coz I thought I may not have had enough.  Anyway..it turned out fantastic, and better than I could have imagined.    Right after, kinda cloudy out.
 3 days later, still kinda cloudy out!
Keli in the shade 
  A week later, after reading in the forums some more, and deciding I wanted to deepen and even out my color, I hennaed again.  This time, already more daring since the first time coz it turned out so well, I used another mixture.  One I read about in the forum that sounded good, since I wanted to get a little browner result.
150 grams Catherines henna.  1 1/2 fresh lime.  3/4 cup espresso I brewed up with 1 tablespoon papricka stirred in to mix.   Several big dollups of yogurt, mixed to a nice thick paste.  I then added 15 drops lavender EO, stirred it in, and spooned it into a bag.  I sat it on a heating pad on low overnight, paper towel underneath,  and in the morning awoke to a really nice dye release!  Then, mixed in 1 1/2 egg yolk, and proceed again to slather it all over my head.  The mix was wonderful with the yogurt, creamy like thick pudding.  And the extra amount was much better too.  Saran wrap and turban on, about 6+ hours later, I began the rinse process again.  The color this time is even better than the first !  Deeper, richer, more even,  and not so coppery !  I absolutely LOVE it. Can't wait to see the color in about 3 days again.

Keli in the sun

For anyone reading this that is afraid of trying henna over previously dyed hair, DON'T be !  Get a good quality body art henna, like Catherines, or another recommended on this site, of course do a test first,  then GO FOR IT !!  My hair was abused for so long, I can't even remember its natural color, and I'm 48 years old !  My hairdresser says by the roots it is a light/med brown with some grey in there now.  My hair after henna looks and feels wonderful, and I'll NEVER go back to commercial dyes. Can't wait to grow out and cut all my poor abused locks, and it will just be my hair and henna left, which will be a ways down the road.  

My hairdresser, whom I've been going to for many years, is gonna lose a lot of money on me, with every 5 week touchups, and that was pushing it !  I told her I was going to try henna, and she kinda ignored me !  Oh well.  I just don't think they know enough, if even anything about how wonderful henna truly is, for those of us red headed dreamers!
Thanks for this wonderful site !  I would have never considered using henna if it weren't for all the great information, and personal information and pics that have been posted here, it really is great.   I hope this can help someone else who is considering using henna.  You won't be disappointed!!



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