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Henna for Hair

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Henna for Hair

Chloe's Mix
Chloe's hennaed hair

I normally have dark brown almost black hair, I had dyed it quite a few times in the past just to change up the color, but I used the damaging, synthetic hair dyes.  After cutting out all of the damaged parts, which was probably 10 or 12 inches, my hair was back to it's original color again.  Now here come the greys!  I didn't want to use the damaging hair dyes anymore, someone on a long hair site recommended the henna for hair Website, which was very informative.  Here is my recipe:
100 grams (baq henna from mehandi.com)
3 tablespoons or so of apple cider vinegar
1 1/2 cups distilled water
1/2 teaspoon or so of dried lavender flowers (also from mehandi.com)
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
clingy saran wrap
carrot bag (from mehandi.com)
plastic gloves (from mehandi.com)
First I put the water and l! avendar flowers in a measuring cup and put that in the microwave until the water was boiling, then I took that out and let it cool to a luke warm temperature.  I poured the henna into one of those big 36 or 42 ouncer cups, like the kind you get at the little gas station convenience stores, (that way I could just throw the cup in the garbage when I was done) then I added the apple cider vinegar - mixed it a little, then gradually added the water with the lavendar flowers still in it.  I mixed and added the water until I had the consistency of yogurt and the only little lumps I could see were the lavendar flowers, then I added the vanilla and mixed again.

I put a piece of saran wrap over the top of the cup, I put my mixture near my heater to keep it nice and warm and my family and I went out for about 4 hours.  When I got home I checked my mixture and already saw dye release, so I washed my hair with shampoo only - I used a tea! tree shampoo and made sure to lather my whole head including the ends of my hair.

I let my hair dry first, combed it carefully, laid out paper towels all over the bathroom near the sink - on the toilet seat - everywhere except the bath tub ( I was expecting a huge mess!). 

I mixed the henna again and poured it into the carrot bag, cut the end so only a small amount would come out each time and went to work.  I started from the very top of my head and covered all of my roots first, (the carrot bags are the best tool ever for making sure all of my roots were covered, let me tell you!) then I took my gloved hand and scooped the henna out of the cup and applied it to the rest of my hair - it was the perfect consistency.  After all that paper toweling I only had 3 splotches of henna on the floor after everything was said and done - which had absorbed through to the floor but it came ! out with a little 409 cleanser.
I wrapped my head with 3 layers of saran wrap and an old towel and went to bed which was about midnight - I put an old shirt on my pillow that got about 2 drops on it during the night, I had to get up at 5:30am to get all the stuff out of my hair before I went to work, I hopped in the shower and everything washed out really easily - I stood there for a while make sure all the bits and pieces were out.  I didn't use any conditioner until the next day.

 I loved the resulting color, and all of my greys are a wonderful reddish color that blends in to the rest of my hair!


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 Henna for Hair

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