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Henna for Hair

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Henna for Hair

Aurore's Mix
Aurore before henna Aurore after henna
Aurore before and after henna

Hello !

I'm french so sorry for tha bad english ! *blush*
I send you my experience cause your site help me very good, to have a so cool result !

Here a specimen of me, before: I'm dark-blond with some rest of 8 months old color !

My simply Mix : henna (body quality), lemon juice and some drops of essential oil of cajeput (has she really a usefulness? I don't know ! hihi anyway !)

I've begun to cover my hair with the henna all fresh prepared, above the bathtub, head down below, but realizing me that do not penetrate really well, I wet my hair lightly for that penetrates to the heart of the hairy mass ! Next I wound my hair on the top of my head and I have cellophan the package! I put a towel on the cello, and another around my neck...
I left to put about 2 hours, all while wiping punctualy the drips that fell, had to the moistening of hair preceding! lol I had well does to put a briefcase around the cellophane!!!

And here I have well well rinsed (erk the poor bathtub!), was done me next a shampoo and after shampoo as usual, et voilà !

A race of me after... in daylight and flashlight *v*
it's very strange at first to see itself in the mirror while we got used to the dark blond !! A beautifull copper, is it like I must say ? ^^

This is so beautiful, I love it ! and this is much more better that a synthetic color which is much more expensive and damage the hair!


thanx to put my experience online, I whish that will be helpfull for someones !


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 Henna for Hair

Henna For Hair is devoted to
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