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Henna for Hair

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Henna for Hair

Anna K's Mix
Anna K

I have been thinking of hennaing my hair for a long time and now i finally did it. I used henna called Natural Rajasthani, which is maybe not the best one, but it should be at least 100% henna, unlike "henna for hair" that is usually sold. I used:

  • 100 g Natural Rajasthani henna
  • lemon juice
  • several ground cloves
  • about 10 drops of Eucalyptus citriodora oil
I mixed all the ingredients together and let it sit for about 20 hours. Then I got it into my hair, wrapped it and left it on for about 3 hours, then rinsed it out. Surprisingly, there was almost no mess and no stains anywhere. I am very happy with the result, my hair now looks healthier and falls out less.

Thanks for your useful information about henna!



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 Henna for Hair

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